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Where you’re at in life:

  • You’re late 50’s, 60’s, 70’s
  • Your children are adults on their own

  • You’ve sold your business, farm, or sizable real estate holdings

  • You enjoy traveling and being with family and friends

  • You get to enjoy more free time than you did while you were working

What you’re concerned with:

  • How to make your money last your lifetime

  • Generating monthly income from your investments

  • Protecting what you spent a lifetime building

  • Making sure your estate plans are in order

  • Helping your children and grandchildren succeed

  • Consolidating and simplifying your financial affairs

How we help:

  • Organizing all of your accounts under one cohesive umbrella

  • Consolidating all your old workplace 401ks, IRAs, etc

  • Working with your attorney to ensure your assets are protected and your estate plans are up-to-date

  • Making sure your estate plans are in order

  • Structuring your portfolio to provide stable monthly income

  • Meeting with you regularly to make sure your accounts are performing as planned

Where you’re at in life:

  • You’re late 40’s, 50’s, early 60’s

  • Children are late teenagers or young adults

  • You’re leading a successful company you’ve built

  • You have more discretionary income than you’ve ever had

  • Your business consumes a large amount of your time, but you somehow find time to travel and spend time with the kids

What you’re concerned with:

  • Maximizing the value of your business

  • How to successfully transition the business to the next owner

  • Protecting not only your business but the other assets you’ve accumulated

  • Being smart with your discretionary income

  • Minimizing taxes

How we help:

  • Creating a 5-10 year plan mapping out the sale of the business

  • Structuring the proceeds from the sale in a way that will provide income for the rest of your life

  • Formulating an investment plan to minimize taxes and maximize return for your given level of risk

  • Working with your attorney to protect your assets and provide for a smooth business transition

  • Structuring your portfolio to provide stable monthly income

  • Coordinating with your CPA for ongoing tax planning

Where you’re at in life:

  • You’re in your 30’s and 40’s

  • Your children are coming into their teenage years, maybe even driving

  • You’ve been out of school 10-15 years and have worked your way up in your career

  • Income is strong and getting stronger each year

  • You’re going 100mph and that’s not fast enough

  • Your free time revolves around kids’ activities: sports, dance, recitals, activities and vacations now and then

What you’re concerned with:

  • Being smart with your money – striking a balance between having fun now (a new boat, that dream cabin) without sacrificing future goals (done working by age 55)

  • Choosing between paying down debts, saving for the kids’ college, or your own retirement

  • How to maximize investment growth without taking unnecessary risks

  • Selecting the right CPA, attorney, or insurance agent for your situation

  • Making sure your business is being run the way it should

How we help:

  • Creating the proper team – a CPA and attorney who specialize in your specific situation

  • Creating a long-term plan, and then keeping you on track against that plan

  • Mapping out cash-flows for the next several years – how much to allocate to current lifestyle, savings, and paying down debts

  • Setting up college savings accounts for the kids

  • Making sure you have the correct legal documents in place in case something happens to you

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